Thursday, September 14, 2017

DIY Jack-o-Lantern Shirts #halloweenready

Only 46 days 'til Halloween! Welcome to my blog and to another Halloween project. I am using Best Creation Inc.'s iron-on vinyl scraps to the fullest. I made 2 kids shirts using images from Cricut Design Space. Let's get started.

I searched for pumpkin designs I purchased in Design Space and found 3 I wanted to work with. I choose the smiles of the first 2 designs and the eyes of the last design.
I used the "contour" feature to hide the eyes and mouth, leaving only 2 smiles and 1 pair of eyes.
I then removed the pupils of the eyes by inserting a circle and using the "weld" feature.
Next, I made a copy of the eyes and resized them, used the "slice" feature to create the outline.
I sized the complete image to fit the front of the t-shirts. I made a copy of the Jack-o-lantern face and "flatten" the image to print on paper. I explain this in the next steps.

I grouped the smiles, noses and 1 set of eyes. I cut these in the orange glitter iron-on. It's a simple design and placing the elements on the shirt will be easy with the help of the printed copy.
I then cut the other set of eyes on black glitter iron-on.

Once the elements are cut, it's time for a little hand cutting. I used a pair of scissors to get the down the parts and a Kraft knife to cut the inside of the eyes. We will be swapping them onto the shirts.

Remember the printed copy? Well, this when it comes in handy. I used it for placement of the face. Super helpful.

Now, preheat the iron to the highest setting. Working on hard surface works best when using a household iron. Cover the image with fabric, I use a pillow case, it's thick enough to protect the plastic and thin enough to heat set the iron-on. Then press firmly for 30 seconds. Carefully pull back the plastic. If needed, iron the back side of the t-shirt, but lower the iron setting to cotton or cover your shirt with a piece of fabric, in my case a pillow case, to avoid scorching.

How cute are this Jack-o-lantern shirts!

Happy Haunting! Love Best Creation Inc.'s iron-on vinyl softness. Remember to turn the shirt inside out before washing. I don't use the dryer on any iron-on vinyl or silk screen clothes, DIY or store bought, I always line dry.

I hope you enjoyed my project. Enjoy the rest of your week and please visit again next week for a couple more iron-on vinyl projects.

As part of the Best Creation Inc. Creative Team, I received the vinyl free, but I do have a discount for you to use. Click on the image below to shop and use the code for your savings.
Thank you for stopping by.

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