Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Sculpey® III DIY Necklace

Make your own jewelry with Sculpey®III clay and metal dies. That's right, I used one of my favorite flower metal dies to create a beautiful flower necklace charm. I've used the flower metal die to cut paper, foiled paper and felt. Now it's time to create with Sculpey®III clay.

I used the Metal Blade to cut the clay, rolled it into a ball next, using a silicone mat, I took the Clay Roller to evenly roll out a 3" circle. Both the Metal Blade and the Clay Roller are included in the Sculpey® Bead Making Kit.

I used my favorite flower die to gently press the pattern onto the clay and carefully removed it from the clay.

 Next, I used the Blade tool to carefully cut through the flower pattern. I trimmed off the excess clay in sections to avoid distorting the flower shape. I repeated the steps to create a smaller flower shape using the turquoise clay.

Using the Needle Tool, I created lines towards the center of the flowers. The lines don't need to meet in the center, as I will be layering the flowers and adding gemstone to the turquoise flower.
Next, I placed the clay flowers on the Baking Cushion and baked at 275°F for 15 minutes.

 Allow the clay to cool. If needed, sand the clay to remove fingerprints or imperfections. I used a 400 and 800 grit sandpaper. To avoid dust from sanding clay, I submerged the sand paper in water for a minute and sanded the flowers. I rinsed the flowers with water and dried them with a lint free cloth.

I applied two coats of the Sculpey®Glaze Satin allowing to dry between coats. After the glazed completely dried, I used a strong bond adhesive to glue the flowers together and added the gemstone. Allow to dry before gluing the bail to backside of the flower.

Measuring in at approximately 3" in diameter, it's light, not heavy at all. It turned out so beautiful.
Do you have metal dies you can use to create Sculpey® jewelry? It's fast and easy, give it a try.

I hope you have enjoyed my SculpeyIII® project tutorial as much as I did making it. I have a discount to share with you. Please use promo code justyolie to save 20%, good through 6/15/18.

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