Thursday, May 24, 2018

Ghost Stamping

 I love the look of Ghost stamping on Rinea's foiled paper. It's easy and the outcome is fantastic. For my card, I used Rinea's Fuchsia/Gold Glossy Foiled Paper Pack and Ghost Ink.

I trimmed a sheet of Fuschia/Gold Glossy foiled paper and aligned the Pink and Main's Floral stamp. Next, I used the Ghost Ink, allowed the ink to dry and then gently removed the ink with a baby wipe. I then repeated the steps to stamp the "thinking of you" wording.

I used Pink and Main's Stitched die to cut the stamped Fuchsia/Gold Glossy sheet and then used the backside,Glossy Gold, to die cut the scallop panel. Next, I added adhesive to and carefully aligned the top layer to the bottom. Then, I cut the card base out of white card stock. I was going to leave the card as is, but I added Pink and Main's cute flower sequins to add on the stamped image.

How I love the Fuschia/Gold Glossy on this card! The flower sequins look so pretty.

The results are simply gorgeous and so easy to achieve.

Thank you for visiting and happy crafting.


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Georgiana said...

Gorgeous! I need to look into that Ghost Ink. What a cool way to get the sentiment on the foil without wrinkling your paper.