Wednesday, April 6, 2016

DIY Wedding Tea Light Holders #SaborPapel

We are excited to introduce to you a new inspiring segment!  We are gearing up for the wedding season with Wedding Wednesdays! 

I will start it off by sharing DIY Tea Light Holders using the Amor Collection.
I recycled small tin cans, but you can decorate pretty much anything that will fit a tea light.

I washed and dried the tin cans. You want to dry them immediately to avoid rust, unless you're going for a distress look. 

I measured the height of the can and trimmed the length, leaving a 1/2" overlap to adhere. 

I then glued the braided jute to the edge of the can.  Be careful, the tin heats up quickly with hot glue.

Once I had the jute in place, I added small roses flowers to the front side of the tin.  If you like you can add them to entire rim of the tea light holder.

I used lentils to keep the tea light in place.  You can use any dried beans or sand.

And here you have them!  Recycled DIY  tea light holders. 


Lori m said...

Fantastic idea and project, hugs, Lori m

Michele said...

this is fabulous! love it. xo