Wednesday, April 13, 2016

DIY Birthday Confetti #DCWV

Confetti = instant fun!  I love birthday celebrations, gathering of family and friends to celebrate another year of life.  Growing up pinatas always were filled with candy and lots of confetti. So much fun!  I'm still a big fan of both, so today I am sharing DIY Birthday decorations. 

Let's start with the curtain banner.  I trimmed the words and cupcakes from The Confetti Stack.  I alternated a word and cupcake and hot glued each on twine, allowing about 1/2" between each.    When cutting your twine or cording, allow enough on the top to adhered to the bar holder.

I then took a sheet of the double sided card stock from The Flipside Stack.  I cut 2 - 4" strips, scored it down the middle and fringed the ends.  I used the end of a paint brush to curl the fringe.   Adhere both fringed strips, allow about 1/2" for overlapping.

Before adding the chipboard strips, find the center of the orange fringe and adhere your first strip of words.  Then measure out for the other two.

I added chipboard for stability and for hanging purposes.
I trimmed 2 - 1" chipboard strips.  I aligned 1 of the chipboards to the already adhered words, marked and punched the holes.
Small nail heads fit in the holes for easy hanging.
I also added a strip of pattern paper to the front side of the fringed bar.

Now for the candy shaped boxes.  Two of the patter papers have pre-printed patterns for the boxes.  The solid lines for cutting, the dashed for scoring.  Here is a tip, before cutting the scallop ends, score the dashed lines.  Glue the side of the boxes, add your candy and confetti, let's not forget the confetti.  Close the ends of the boxes with twine.

Here is the complete setup!

I added tags to the candy shaped boxes from the cutout sheet and made tags out of  the extra cupcake squares. 

Yah celebrate!  Cue the confetti and make a beautiful mess!


Migdalia said...

I absolutely love this! Cool, cute & fun! TFS

Jen Goode said...

This is such a fun set up! Thank you so much for joining in this week!