Friday, April 1, 2016

Altered Clipboard #eBrush #DCWV

Hello and welcome to my blog.  Let's end the week with altered project.

My husband doesn't have much desk space and he wasn't feeling the pen holder I gave him so I made him one.  I took a small clipboard, a tin can, the eBrush and DCWV Treasures Stack and made him a very masculine pen holder.  (See the bottom of the post for the complete supply list.)

I used the brown Sharpie in high setting of the eBrush and held the wand approximately 2" away from the edge of the clipboard.  I then took the black Sharpie, in the low setting and held the want approximately 3" away from the project.  I wanted to darken it up, but not too much.  I used the same settings and wand placement on all components.

I took my kitchen shears and cut the tin can so it sits flushed against the clipboard.  I then took the typewrite key pattern paper and glued it with matte Mod Podge to outside and inside of the tin.
I cut out the block letter "B", punched two holes and added the jute and adhered to the can with hot glue.  I then added hot glue to the edges of the tin can and held it onto the clipboard until the glue cooled completely.

Here is the completed pen holder.  For now it holds a tube of paper clips and markers.  I need to tidy up my husband's work space over the weekend and organize his "command center".

Here is the side view.  I went out to the garage and grabbed a washer and nut from his tool box.  He won't miss them.  I also took a pin and added it the clip.

Thank you for visiting today and enjoy your weekend.

Supplies List:
DCWV The Treasures Stack (Available at Michaels)
Mod Podge
Sponge brush
Paper trimmer
Hot glue gun
Sand paper or nail file
Pop dots
Metal embellishments


MadeByKarla said...

Too cool! I love the way the ebrush darkens the edges just right.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Yolie, this is gorgeous (um, handsome!) and practical! He'll love it!