Friday, March 6, 2015

#DCWV DIY Project Stacks

I've been playing with DCWV's newest stacks, DIY Project Stacks: Roses. There are a total of eight NEW DIY Project Stacks now available at Joann's.  Please visit the DCWV's blog for the video product reveal of each stack.

There are three different roses you can make from the Roses Project Stack; Red Roses, TextPrint and White Shimmer Roses; it makes 12 roses of each.  I chose to the white roses.  You will need a pair of small scissors to get the perforations cuts started.

I painted a stretched white canvas (8x10) with Plaid's Glam Gold Glitter paint.  While the paint dried, I assembled the roses using hot glue.

I used DCWV Pearl Gem Stickers to the centers; below is a close up.

I hope you enjoyed my easy-to-make DIY Home Decor.  It really does look lovely in person.  The DCWV DIY Project Stacks are available at Joann's online too! Take advantage of the 50% and $1.99 shipping!


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