Monday, May 13, 2019

Purépecha Santos Doll

Welcome to my blog. I am so excited to share my version of the Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Santos Doll.
The origin of the Santos Doll is Spanish and I have longed to make my Purépecha version. Purépecha is a Mexican tribe from the state of Michoacán also known as Tarasco. I am Tarascan and extremely proud of my heritage and so pleased how my Purépecha turned out.

In addition to the Santos Doll set, I used the Star Medallions and Texture Sheets Fiesta.

I painted the Santos Doll and the Star Medallion with one coat of white acrylic paint. Once the paint dried, I removed the parts carefully using a Kraft knife.

Using the eBrush with Sharpie adapter, I eBrushed all the parts using various Sharpie colors.

I assembled my Purépecha Santos Doll and fitted her skirt. I used 2 sheets of crepe paper and eBrushed the "mal de ojo" onto the lower hem of her skirt to ward off evil spirits.
With a needle and thread, I gathered her skirt with a hand baste stitch and then glued the jute to cover the stitch. I used the clothespin to secure the jute until the glue dried.

Here she is, I introduce to you La Purépecha Yolanda.

The miniature serape or shawl is actually a book mark I purchased in a Mexican shop along with the mini ceramics and hat. I will be making another visit to that store very soon to restock because these miniatures are adorable.

My original plan was to create her skirt out of corn husks, but I didn't want to purchase a bag just for a couple of pieces. It's not like I was going to make tamales. I remembered I purchased a pack of crepe paper during Halloween. It has a similar texture of corn husks and it worked perfectly.

La Purépecha Yolanda. She's a hard worker, creative and sells her ceramic wares at the tianguis.

I hoped you enjoyed my version of the Santos Doll. I had so much fun putting it together and giving her 'life'.  Enjoy your week and keep it crafty.

Supply List:
Santos Doll Item No.C43L
Star Medallions Item No. C7H 
Texture Sheets Fiesta Item No. D91B
Crepe paper


Anonymous said...

This is Great!!! I can tell it was done with pride! 👊

Lori m said...

Beautiful project, great details, hugs, Lori m