Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Rita Barakat + Plaid Crafts Blog Hop

Welcome to Rita Barakat and Plaid Crafts Blog Hop.
'Tis the season for everything pumpkin! I love all the non-traditional colors and themes used to decorate pumpkins. And since it's always mermaid season, I decorated a couple dollar store pumpkins using Rita's Mermaid Tails ephemera.

I used Plaid's Colorshift Purple Flash, Dragonfly Glaze in Green & Gold, Glitterific Purple, Folk Art Treasure Gold and Turquoise acrylic paint.

The purple pumpkin got two coats of Colorshift in Purple Flash, drying time took a little longer but so worth it! I then used the Glitterific in Purple for the top of the pumpkin. I added Rita's Mermaid die cut with hot glue and then added the flowers.

I used purple roses and purple pearls to decorate throughout the pumpkin. The Colorshift and Glitterific looks amazing! 

The turquoise also got two coats of Plaid acrylic paint in Turquoise. After it completely dried, I applied one coat of the Dragonfly Glaze in Green and Gold. After the glaze dried, I used a dry brush to apply the Folk Art Treasure Gold. I then added the gorgeous mermaid and scattered fabric, paper and resin flowers throughout the pumpkin.

I'm so loving how the mermaid theme pumpkins turned out!

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Lori m said...

Fabulous pumpkins and the colors and decorations are stunning, hugs, Lori m

Hannah said...

HAHAHA! I just bought pumpkins to decorate with Plaid Paints! I LOVE yours, your projects are just lovely!

sharon g said...

OH HOW ADORABLE!!! I am definitely going to do this. I have everything I need already (except for the pumpkin, but that is easy). THANK you for the idea!!!!!

Rita Barakat said...

I love these Yolie!

Cassie Stanley said...

Great twist on pumpkins! Love your color choices!

Jean said...

Holy cow! These are just amazing!!

B. Poteraj said...

Wow, those are show-stoppers. They are amazing.

B. Poteraj said...

Wow, these are amazing.

cghundley said...

Oh wow, these look
amazing! Beautiful
touches with the
glitter and flowers.
Carla from Utah

Denise Bryant said...

These are so pretty! Love the painted pumpkins and the mermaids!

MadeByMeghanK said...

These are awesome! I LOVE those pumpkins! What a cool idea!

Amy Martin said...

Oh my gosh!!! These are totally cute!!! I love seeing others think outside the box!!! I love it!

Angela T said...

I never thought about making metallic pumpkins. These are so cute!! I love it.

Andre M. said...

You have transformed these pumpkins into works of art! Purple and teal are two of my faves, the colors used are so rich and the mermaids look regal! Thanks for sharing your creativity.

Renee said...

Yolie, I love your cute little pumpkins....Your designs are truly amazing, too!!