Thursday, August 15, 2019

Artful Cards #ritabarakat

I had too much fun creating with Rita Barakat's Art Foamies. No seriously. I used a gel plate for the first time ever and it was amazing, but I wasn't forewarned about how addicting printmaking could be! I got print after print after print! Each was unique and gorgeous!

I started off by gathering my favorite Plaid Crafts paint colors and Rita's Art Foamies, Princess, Hearts and Fairy Wings.

These are just a few of the prints. Before I knew it, I was surrounded by beautiful artful prints.
I don't have photographs of the gel plate and the actual print making. It's difficult to stop midway of the creative process to snap photos. I hope you understand.

It was so difficult to decide which print to showcase. Look at these beauties, do you blame me?

I finally made decided on two, Grateful Heart and the Princess print.

Look at her, she's emerging from the ashes. This has to be my favorite print. I did mount it onto a card base, however I may just frame her.

I hope you enjoyed my print making experience. Thank you for stopping by.

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