Friday, October 5, 2018

Song Inspired Canvas

Do you listen to music while you craft? As I sat to work on a canvas, I asked Google to play Tom Petty and the first song it played was one of my favorite, You Don't Know How It Feels. I had every intention to create a more colorful happy-go-lucky canvas, but that quick changed.

I used Rita Barakat's stencil, Marvy Uchida Glitter pens, Le Plume markers and acrylic paint on a 5" x 7" canvas.

I lightly traced the stencil on the canvas with a pencil.

I used my favorite color combo to color her hair and for the skin tone a Le Plume marker.

I then wrote a portion of the lyrics and cut down each word. I covered her face and splattered paint on the rest of the canvas.

Happy how she turned out. She's displayed in my craft room.

Thank you for visiting, happy crafting!