Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Leisure Arts - Coloring Therapy

Coloring: back to basics and therapeutic too.

I was fortunate to meet the representatives from Leisure Arts at Creativation last month. They gave me the 30 Pack Premium Colored Pencils, Birthday Coloring Note Cards and Thank You Coloring Note Cards so let's color!

The 30 Pack Premium Colored Pencils includes the perfect shades of purple, my favorite color. The colors are gorgeous! They are perfect for blending and shading.

I would have preferred a heavier paper weight on the note cards, but the paper did take the color beautifully.

This is my favorite design, luckily there are 2 of each design included in each note card pack.

I believe a coloring session is order. I will be getting my sisters together very soon to color. It's so relaxing! Now off to find my pencil sharpener and finish off this beauty.

Leisure Arts generously donated the following Prize Package;
24 Colored Pencils, Birthday Coloring Note Cards and Thank You Coloring Note Cards!
Please leave a comment below and I will announce the winner on February 28th on this post. US Residents only please.

 UPDATE: The winner is......

Adult Coloring Book - Small


Jennifer Carmichael said...

Would love to win. I am just starting to get into coloring. Thanks for the chance to win.

Sukie said...

Your colored cards are gorgeous! I love the bright colors of your flowers! Thanks so much for the chance to win, I would love to try these out :)

Pammejo said...

Coloring is so relaxing! Love how they look like they blend so beautifully! Thanks for a chance to win!

Rebecca said...

Growing up in a low income family didn’t allow my parents to spoil us with video games or trendy toys. Instead, they taught us to find joy in the “simpler” day-to-day games and activities. Coloring was at the top of the list. It kept my sisters and me busy for hours on end and also allowed us to creatively express ourselves. I want to get back into coloring because it helps me relax and reminisce about the happy times experienced during my childhood. Not only do I love to color, but I enjoy creating cards as well. So this is the perfect giveaway for me. Thanks for the opportunity!

Unknown said...

Wow! These are really pretty.

Unknown said...

I love the vibrant colors. Winning this would be a joy and a balm to my nerve. Coloring Is my Favorite take along art, for me it is a way to stay mindful and connected to the present world around me. It keeps me relaxed and helps me deal with the anxiety associated with My PTSD. This allows me to go out in public and interact with people and places outside my Home.

Unknown said...

I would love to win this great coloring package! Thanks girl the opportunity!

Sylvia Gonzalez said...

Great job coloring Amiga, I love the way you blended the colors. Very cute note cards. Thank you for a chance to win