Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Best Day Ever

Well that was a long break.  Almost a month vacationing in the East Coast with lots of 'First Time Evers' and 'Best Day Evers'. Can one 'Best Day Ever' out do another? Absolutely not!  Each has its unique experiences and memories.  I had many of Best Day Evers! I wish I could do it again, if only recovery wouldn't take three weeks!

I shared my adventure on my FB and IG so I won't share them here, well not until they make it onto my scrapbook pages.

Here are several cards I created for the CHA Paper Craft Show in Atlanta for Pink and Main.  All the stamps used are from the August Release.
Here's a birthday card I made for GodSon using Super Dad, Happy and my favorite fave Chalk Alpha:

Until next time! It will be sooner than later because I need to catch up. :)

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