Monday, June 10, 2013

Why so quiet?

Boy oh boy, let me tell you, I was busy. I completed 200 treat boxes and 100 invites for my Dulce's Quinceañera.  I'm so stinking happy this is over!  Not only did I survive but so did both of my Cricut machines!  Both kept overheating with lots of breaks for them to cool down.  I thought for sure both would have fried, but nope.  They are still going strong.  Darn, I was hoping to get the Cameo! LOL  So where are the photos?  I'm not allowed to show them just yet.  My sister asked that I wait until family and friends receive the invitations. :)
This photo are the tidbits of approx. 6 invites.  I won't do this ever again.  I did it for my Dulce, but never again.  Well, maybe.

I want to thank my Design Teams for their patience and understanding.  I was late with projects and some occasions didn't have a project to share.  Thank you for working with me.  I will be back on schedule starting this week.  A very special thank you to Designs On Cloud 9, Fresh Brewed Designs, Heartstring Designs, Scrapbook Stamp Society, Latina Crafter and Link Up for Pink.

I've been working downstairs and miss my scrapbook room!  I'm so looking forward in playing again!  Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful week! :) :)

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Cricut Critter said...

u are a fabulous aunt/godmother, can't wait to see what you made!! Send me some of your woman power I am just going to start 150 invites!! but mine do not have much details ha ha Good job!