Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Happy Mother's Day {Freebie}

This is the card I created for my Mom.  I mug of all her "quirky" kids.....can you guess which one is me?   The stamp is retired Halloween stamp by Simply Betty Stamps.

Ok let's start with the left to right, bottom row:  The guy wearing the green shirt is my brother Robert, young at heart and spoiled rotten.  The middle holding the pink rose, my sister Letty, always with her hair brushed back and always wears lipstick.  Casanova holding the red rose is my brother Alfonso; right behind him is my "cutsy" sister Lucy.  In the middle is the oldest and serious sister Consuelo.  Ok so did you guess right?  The one with all the hair, wearing purple is me....thinking, "get me outta here. I don't belong with these crazies!!" LOL!!  I'm sure my Mom will know exactly who is who.

You can download the Spanish sentiment by clicking on the image below:

The new version of the stamp can be found here.

I'm entering Kathy's Waffle Sketch Challenge, here's the sketch we were asked to follow:


Trina said...

Tu tarjeta es muy linda, Yolie! That's so fun that all of your siblings are represented; your mom will love it!

Christina Griffiths said...

Super cute stamp and the characters are all fabulous ... I bet you all have good fun together xx

Esther said...

This is super cute!!!!! Love it!

Cheryl said...

So cute and fun! I love the stamp you used. You colored it beautifully.


Carol Ric said...

Super cute and a great idea. I think your mother will love it. I know mine would. TFS!

Kathy said...

I love the way you've used the sketch for this! What a great idea
Thanks for joining us on The Sketch File for May

Betty Boo! said...

Love what you did with the Teen Scene Halloween Group shot! What a great way to use it for something other than Halloween! Totally awesome! The other Teen Group shot is just as fun to color I hope you got that one too and will show us what you made with it!