Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dulce's Baby Bug

This was the first time I used vinyl, well acutally a purchased it and Dulce changed the settings on Cricut, designed her own SVG and applied the vinyl onto her Baby Bug.

Dulce is super creative she dances, acts, sings and loves crafts! I gave her a short quick session on SCAL2 and Inkscape, only once and she got it! She created her own SCUT file for Mother's Day and creates cards for friends. Recently she shared, that her friends don't believe she makes the cards herself. Her friends say "Oh, that's so store bought!" LOL I say that's a compliment!


Tammy D said...

Awesome. Looks like she takes after her beautiful Aunt Yolie!

Sandy Hentzel said...

Very cool, haven't done vinyl yet myself. This came out cute.

paperscissorsink said...

CUTE! I love vinyl, its in almost every room in my house (haven't hit the bathrooms yet..thats next!)